WHO Plans Global Dominance And Biden Agrees To Hand Over Power

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As the pandemic appears to be winding down, we are starting to get a much clearer view of what we said was hidden behind the motives of how the Government dealt with COVID.

Now that the dust is settling, we can clearly see those who were using the situation to gain power and as the fear subsides, and people start to return to normal, these officials are feeling their influence and power fade.

Dr. Fauci is a limelight lover who doesn’t want to give up his spotlight. So as fewer people pay any attention to the Maestro Of The Mask Mandates, he keeps lobbing threats of another wave in the near future.

He wants to put people back in their masks because that is where his influence is drawn from.
NOW The WHO is making their strides for complete and utter Global Dominance.

FIRST, we have to remember that the WHO covered for China, and withheld information from the world that could have possibly changed the trajectory of the pandemic.

Instead of alerting world leaders to the issue, WHO sat on this information for up to a week and then was very slow in calling COVID a pandemic.

The rate at which the virus spread at that time, meant many nations were starting from a lowground stance and were forced to play catchup when they were first reeling from the hit of the first wave of the pandemic.

So, this Same WHO, has a treaty that they plan to force upon the 194 United Nations Members.

This treaty would implement a global vaccine passport system and assign every person on the planet a tracking QR code.

The vaccines didn’t do what they were supposed to. The Pandemic subsided to an endemic, not because of the vaccines, instead it’s because the virus is weakening and time goes on, and people are recovering from catching COVID (even if they are vaccinated) and developing real immunity.

But it gets even worse.

This treaty would grant WHO many additional super powers over the member states.

Basically, all the member nations of the WHO would be required to sign over complete authority to the WHO during a period of Pandemic.

The WHO would be granted rights over our country that would Supersede even our own constitution.

The WHO would be able to determine a threat in any country and on their own authority, enter the state and take whatever actions it deems necessary to deal with the issue.

Most people are not paying attention to this, but we must rise up and block this.

The Biden Administration is aware and actually made some requested edits to the WHO who made some amendments and is now in the process of rolling this plan out with the target date of 2024 to fully implement.

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WHO Plans Global Dominance And Biden Agrees To Hand Over

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