Trump To Suspend Citizens Rights For Mass Incarcerations?

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Riots, Looting, Pillaging, Rape, & Murder are out in the streets of many major cities and the main stream media want to cover it up so bad that they intentionally (though not so well) hide details that are right there in our faces.

We look at it and call these actions for what they are, completely shameful.

But not MSM. To them this is all about “Peaceful Protests”.

People will get sick and tired of this BS soon and call MSM on it and they will have to change their tune.

But what is not being discussed on any network at this time is how these riots are going to escalate as we get closer to the Election and then how they will explode once Trump claims his 2nd term.

Right now politicians including Trump, that want this all to stop, are being cautious about how they present what actions they are willing to take.

But the question begs, “How long are we going to let our country be destroyed by this mob that put very little into creating it?”

We as citizens have to DEMAND more action, but what kind of action?

Here is where the slippery slope begins and we have to be careful.

I know my mind can race to “Sweep them all up off the streets, lock them up and then process them 1 by 1 based on their crimes. Let the innocent ones go.

And that sounds great to me and most people who are like minded.

It gets the problematic people off the streets, stops the riots and saves our cities

BUT… (and this is a BIG BUT)

What if the script flips and we are on the other side of this, protesting for what we think is important.

2 things come to mind quickly are:

  1. We would be a hell of a lot more respectful
  2. We will be a hell of a lot more informed and education on what we are protesting for

But let’s say for the sake of argument,, just being protesters puts us on the extreme other side of who is in power for that moment, if the precedent is set then they could use the same actions I said I wanted , against me, and am I okay with that?

So Trump will be in a precarious situation when he takes his 2nd term.

I believe Trump will find a way to stomp these protests in to the ground and silence them so he can get on with his agenda.

I just hope he finds a way to do this that doesn’t leave the rest of us looking over our shoulder for the rest of our lives.

Please share your comments below

M. Stark

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