Trudeau’s Crackdown & Clinging To Power Not Popular In The US

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A recent poll shows that Trudeau’s ongoing response to the trucker protest in Canada is not popular amongst American voters.

And really, why would it be.

Americans are watching in shock as our polite neighbor to the North just had the most aggressive response and implementation of wartime laws that are on the books, but have never been enacted before.

Now that the truckers, for the most part, have been silenced, Trudeau is not giving up his newly claimed power and he will most likely keep finding threats to use as a justification to keep these special and limited powers.

Seizing bank accounts and other assets is a massive overreach.

The American voters don’t like this because they know that this can be a test for enacting the same laws here in the US.

One major difference is the guns that Americans have. It is a strong deterrent.

I can hear every gun control argument made when someone would say, “Do you really think the government will attack its own people?”

In Canada’s case the answer is yes and they did it with unabashed enthusiasm.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to the ongoing protest by truckers in the country’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, is negatively viewed by most voters in the United States, according to a new poll from the Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group.
The poll shows that just over half of American voters disapprove of Trudeau’s actions, including about three-quarters of independent voters and almost nine-in-10 Republicans. However, most Democrats approve of Trudeau’s response to the protest.

  • 55.3% disapprove of Trudeau’s handling of the protest.
  • 35.1% approve of Trudeau’s response.
  • 9.6% are unaware of the situation.
  • 74.4% of independents disapprove, 20.8% approve, 4.8% are unaware.
  • 87.3% of Republicans disapprove, 8.1% approve, 4.6% are unaware.
  • 65% of Democrats approve, 17.2% disapprove, 17.1% are unaware.

Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, said in a statement: “Prime Minister Trudeau’s heavy-handed tactics to squash peaceful protests in Canada have shocked freedom-loving people around the world. However, Americans will be equally stunned to learn from these numbers that 65 percent of Democrats actually support the tyranny happening right before our eyes, and 17 percent have not even heard about one of the most consequential stories of 2022. The corporate media’s false reporting — or in many cases flat out ignoring this story — has contributed to this result. If we want to avoid totalitarianism in our own country, the people must be given the truth. This is shameful and horrifying.”

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