The Worst Moment Of Joe Biden’s Presidency Just Happened On Camera … No One Likes Joe Biden And It’s Time For Him To Go

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Everyone has had that fear of a moment when you are at a party and no one recognizes you or will engage with you. You are just a wallflower, standing by, watching the fun go on around you, while you are all alone.

Well, that moment just happened to Joe Biden, in real-time, on camera, for the whole world to watch.

The Whitehouse brought in President Obama, under the guise of celebrating the Healthcare laws he passed during his time in office, to hopefully give President Biden something to springboard off of and boost his popularity. Or at least stop it from sinking.

Well, that backfired in a big, big way.

Not only did this event NOT bolster Biden, even WORSE it showed that those around Biden don’t care that much about him.

For much of the social gathering, the room clamored around President Obama and he loved lapping up the limelight. All while President Biden was left to aimlessly wander the room by himself.

The highlight is when Biden decides he needs to get in on some conversation around Obama and President Obama completely ignores President Biden.

That’s like being invited to a party by your best friend and then your best friend ditches or doesn’t even show up to the party.

Watch it for yourself…

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