The Real Reason Media Is Panicked Over A Musk Takeover Of Twitter

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It’s impossible to ignore the massive story that is Musk and Twitter. 

The Twitter board is doing everything in its power to take steps to block Elon Musk from a Twitter Takeover. 

Staff at Twitter are threatening to leave if Musk is successful at his bid to be the new owner of Twitter. 

Its like watching the reaction of the Left when they first realized that Trump was most likely going to win the 2016 election. The threats of exodus are on par. 

But in addition to the board members and the staff of Twitter, there is also the media that is jumping in to vilify and demonize Musk for his efforts. 

As we look into this, a number of interesting facts start to reveal themselves. 

The media has worked with Twitter to stifle free speech and keep the public in line, listening to their messaging that the left needs to push out and brainwash people with. 

A Musk takeover of Twitter puts their lock on news in jeopardy. 

Check out this video clip from 2017 that lays out exactly what the mainstream, leftist media is worried about… 



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