The Catchphrase That Will Catapult The Fear Mongering Concept That Will Result In Another Lock Down In America

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Every since the start of COVID-19, we have been warned about the 2nd Wave in the fall.

2nd Wave said it all and played the ever important role of the Boogyman that is lurking in the shadow, waiting for it’s chance to strike out and consume Americans, keeping us in fear of our lives.

With the reopening of a majority of states over the summer, and the following “surge” of positive tests, we have literally already experienced our 2nd Wave.

So, what is a Fear Mongering Factory Of Agenda Driven Control to do when they prematurely fire off their silver bullet catch phrase for the for the fall that is supposed to keep us all in line?

Find another one of course.

So now we find ourselves in precarious position of political turmoil, powerful partisan forces that attempt to divide and conquer, and a population that is left split on how the data on COVID is actually being reported

We have all been told to Trust The Science

This has been true whether it be Global Warming, Vaccination Safety, and now COVID

In the most recent case of COVID, the science has become more opinionated, than factual evidence of one side or the other.

There are scientists that have expressed differing data designed to drive the agenda of the special interests that fund their research

It’s a sad day that we find ourselves in, but it is true that we are here

So what is TWINDEMIC?

It is the powerful buzzword that perfectly captures the original Boogeyman promise of a resurgence of COVID coupled with the Flu Season.

The spring has proven that hospitals and government will classify anyone who passes WITH COVID are classified as passing FROM COVID.

With long standing Data that there are far more deaths per year (set at any pace of a virus) from the FLU, it is the perfect storm to couple COVID to FLU in the fall and make it so the data is skewed together to drive up the infections and deaths and keep us under this fear mongering agenda

At time when more of our population is questioning the validity of the data, and are left wondering if the destruction of the worlds largest economy is worth the proposed concept of “flattening the curve”…

Those that are using a valid Pandemic to perpetuate a social experiment to change our country forever needed to find a simple, clear, and all encompassing word that will drive the fear of death and drive for survival that is so hard wired in all of us…

…To gain the control back to drive their agenda

Here are some videos that show the roll out of the phrase TWINDEMIC

Rest assured, when you see a phrase like this being tested on the MSM shows like FOX News Sunday, Meet The Press, and Face The Nation, you know that this has gained enough steam that the powers that be will continue to test HOW to use this phrase to regain control of American Psyche

Watch these videos and them please comment below and let us know what you think

Thank You for being a valued member of our community and we hope you enjoyed the content in this article.

-Matthew Stark

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