The Called For Big Tech Censorship & Big Tech Complied – Could This Be The DEMS Most Disgraceful And Sinister Deed To Date?

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From the lead up to the 2020 election, Americans experienced the first real backlash of social media and tech giants. As our lives transformed into a self perceived, complete dependence on these online platforms, it made it easier than ever for Americans to be censored and silenced. 

This was coordinated by a collusion of the DNC, Mainstream Media, and now Big Tech threw their weight into the cause for a Democrat President. 

When you think about it for a minute, it’s actually amazing that Trump beat Clinton. There was so much power stacked against him. 

The Daily Signal Reports: 

Media bias and dishonest journalism today seem worse than ever. Hollywood is embracing more and more explicit content, and even pushing it on our kids. And conservatives can’t catch a break with Big Tech, which has resorted to censoring and suppressing content at an alarming rate.

For 35 years, Brent Bozell has taken on the elites in media, Hollywood, and Big Tech. He’s built the Media Research Center into a powerhouse, created the Parents Television Council, aided grassroots activists with ForAmerica, and is now championing the First Amendment with the Free Speech Alliance.

Bozell joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about the media, Big Tech, and his new book “Stops Along the Way: A Catholic Soul, a Conservative Heart, an Irish Temper, and a Love of Life.” Watch, listen, or read a lightly edited transcript below.

Bozell: The first thing they need to know is something about Rob Bluey. I don’t know why—well, you’re modest and you’re humble, but you don’t go around telling people a singular accomplishment.

When the [Rathergate] story came out on CBS that said that George Bush had been doing nefarious things when he was in the National Guard, and … that being a story designed to derail his presidential reelection bid. …

It turns out that the documents were false, and it was not a typewritten report, as it should have been in that year. It was in fact a computer printout. And it was Rob Bluey who came out with the very first printed report exposing that.

And Rush Limbaugh went all over the air, Sean Hannity went all over the air. Everybody was on it that night. The next day, everybody started peeling away from CBS. And ultimately, the producer lost her job and Dan Rather lost his, as he should have.

But it was you, you had the very first printed report on that. So, I start by commending you.

Bluey: Thank you, Brent.

Bozell: To your question, what’s happened? Someone contacted me yesterday and pointed out that in the book we wrote about 10, 15 years ago, Tim Graham and I predicted this. We predicted the coming meltdown of the media.

And I warned about it because I said, and Limbaugh and I talked about this, because I told Rush, “Watch out, they’re going to do this. They’re going to come after you.” That the media were like cornered rats. We had so exposed them, and so peeled off the veneer of supposed objectivity, that they weren’t going to take it. They were going to do what cornered rats do, they were going to go for the jugular, and here you go.

The thing we didn’t predict, Rob, was just how far to the left the Democratic Party would go. And they are the tipping point of it, they are the tip of the spear of this uber-radicalism. We didn’t see that coming.

So, that’s where they are today. It makes you rue the good old days of Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw. That’s how bad they’ve become.

Get The Full Story At Daily Signal 

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