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Sound The Alarm! The US Is About To Enter An Official Water Shortage What It Means & What You Must Do Now

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Sometime next month, for the first time ever in US history, the federal government is very likely to declare a water shortage at Lake Mead.

We’ve been writing about this for a few years now, but with the recent news, the “some time in the future” threat has become a “right now in your face” threat.

Earlier this week reports about the dramatically shrinking water level of Lake Mead, in Nevada, caught the attention of Mainstream Media.

Lake Mead is the largest water reserve in America and it is at its lowest level in history. Over 161’ below its normal full level.

But this is just the beginning and it is getting attention because it is the Largest Reserve and so many depend on it.

The question becomes: How Does The Southwest Survive When Lake Mead Turns Off?

We’re not only talking about water, we are talking about electricity, and the farmers who depend on both to produce food.

At a minimum, Southern California is screwed.

There are a number of other reservoirs around the country that we all depend on that are equally as close to critical shortage.

We predict as goes Lake Mead, go all the others.

When this happens the US will be in yet another Crisis. Only this time, the crisis is a resource that humans simply cannot survive without.

Water is the one resource that we all need on a near daily basis. We can go much longer without food than we can survive without water.

People Will Be People – They Can’t Help Themselves

Once the Crisis Announcement has been made…

Let The Hoarding Begin!

We already know from plenty of examples, that once this crisis is announced, people all over the country will swarm the markets and strip shelves bare, to create an unnecessary break in supply chains all over the country.

This widespread disruption will put people in harm’s way and those who don’t act first will be left out in the cold to fend for themselves.

So if you have not already started to prepare your family for shortages, power outages, and supply chain breaks, now is as good of time as any.

Today we will address water.

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure that your family will have enough water to get through a mid term supply break

  1. Stock up on bottled water NOW It sounds super basic. But, I ask you, how many months could your family survive on the bottled water supply you currently have in your home?  Considering the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, & Medicine say that the average male requires 15.5 cups (3.7 Liters) and females 11.5 cups (2.7 Liters), if you are like most American households, your family needs would exhaust your water supply within 3 days! So use the numbers above to calculate for your family’s daily needs, and then start out buying enough water for at least 1 month. Continue to add on to that, as you can afford, to get to a 6 month supply
  2. Look into a DIY rainwater capture system These can be cheap yet very effective, and if you live in an area that gets a fair amount of rain, you’d be surprised how quickly water can be collected from a storm. There are other components that need to be considered with a system like this, like UV light sanitation to make sure the water stays safe. This is a great way to get a large quantity of water for cheap AND you can hold the water in 50 Gallon Drums
  3. Get A Bathtub Bladder This is a last minute short term method. Basically this is when the call is announced that there is a water crisis, you can put this rubberized bladder into your bathtub and get about 42 Gallons of water with an average bathtub. Once filled there are hand pumps that will fit these (they usually come as a kit) Again you will want to treat the water with a chlorine tab to make sure the water stays sanitary and safe

We will make the last one a question for you to answer in the comments. I want to see who gets this one right.

Where in most homes is there already 50+ gallons of water being held? (some more some less)

Just about every home in America already has this water held somewhere. Where would you find this water reserve in your home?

Answer in the comments below OR reply to the email I sent you today with the answer

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s article. You Don’t Want To Miss it

-M. Stark

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