Russia Demands United States Explain Supporting BioWarfare Lab In Ukraine While Rubio Points The Finger Back At Russia – Where’s Fauci To Clear All This Up?

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As the war with Russia and Ukraine rages on, the world is now forced to face the fact that there is a very good chance that the west will end up in some type of unified conflict with Russia. It is all but guaranteed because the Democrats in the US need this war to have a foil to blame for their failures that were already in effect and harming the American people before Putin invaded Russia.

Months back reports started to leak about COVID, the Wuhan Lab, and the CDC’s involvement in funding this lab to perform research for “gain of function” for COVID.

This was initially, very strongly denied by the Administration, and just mentioning this fact could get a person deplatformed, and censored for spreading what was at the time deemed the worst of misinformation.

Fast forward a few months and now it is pretty much accepted as a fact that Dr. Fauci was well aware of this research taking place in the Wuhan lab and failed to disclose it early on.

AND here we are again, now facing another Lab that the Russians are accusing the US of funding and supporting with bio labs, researching “gain of function” for weaponizing plague and anthrax.

The drums are beating that this is Russian misinformation and the clean up messaging is in process, starting with a council testimony that included Under Secretary Of State Victoria Nuland being questioned by Senator Marco Rubio.

Rubio asks the Under Secretary point blank if Ukraine has biological weapons. She answers yes.

He then goes on to address the Russian accusations, that the United States is behind this, to which her answer is that it is typical of the Russians to make a claim like this, it is misinformation, and if there is an attack she is 100% sure it is Russia that is behind it.

While I really want this to be the truth, the real truth is that our Government and Representatives don’t have a good track record in being truthful on this topic.

It is going to take a lot more for them to clear the air and make sure that they can prove their message without demonizing anyone who questions the same group who was just caught in the exact same lie surrounding the biggest pandemic in human history.

Russia has made an accusation that the United States must swiftly address with clear and concise proof to back themselves up and attempt to redeem credibility with the American People and the People of the world who all are questioning the integrity of the US government over the many failures of this Administration.

What do you think? How should the US address this issue? Let us know in the comments below

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