Rand Pauls “Festivus Report” Lists Sickening Ways Government Wastes Taxpayer Money

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Every year around this time, Senator Rand Paul delivers his “Festivus Report”. While done in a fun spirit, it is amazing the garbage and waste programs that he digs up to expose how the government wastes taxpayer dollars.

This year’s report uncovered a massive $52 BILLION in wasteful spending. The programs he uncovers are literally out of this world in madness.

One program was a study on gambling, where pigeons played slot machines.

Another was a high level study to verify that children crave junk food.

New York spent $25 Million to display art exhibits around town.

One of the worst offenders was a Federal Program that spend $549 Million on aircraft for Afghanistan that the Department of Defense soon after turned around and abandoned those same planes during the chaotic exodus from Afghanistan.

We actually let the U.S. Agency For International Development to spend $11 Million to ask Vietnamese people to stop burning their trash.

How about giving a think tank like The Wilson Center $14 Million to throw parties for members of congress?

And it doesn’t go without a bit of irony. After all the bashing of President Trump by Joe Biden, and even though Biden cancelled the construction of the border wall, this Administration still managed to give the Department of Defense $250 Million to build border walls in the Middle East and North Africa.

$1.3 Million to study how hearing good or bad news affects a person’s aging.

Over $40 Billion was wasted on bd COVID programs.

As I read these stats, I started to feel like the government is not acting like a good steward of our money. And as obvious of a comment as that sounds, we keep allowing these clowns in congress to keep on doing this.

-M. Stark

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