Preppers Guide to Short Term Disasters

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A preppers guide to natural disasters and short term emergencies

Short term disasters include mainly natural events such as hurricanes, tornados, floods and earthquakes. These are one and done situations that affect a localized geographical area. Our preppers guide to short term disasters will focus on the 100 mile radius that these events tend to affect.  To the people in that area there world has changed. To the people outside the area the world is the same and they are in a position to help. There are government agencies with extensive plans for emergencies. The problem is that their assets need to be located or come from outside the affected area. This is the reason for the 72 hours of self sufficiency. In the worst circumstances it takes 3 days for the assets to assemble and arrive at the epicenter. I was living 20 miles outside of the eye of Hurricane Andrew. We were largely unaffected. We had power outages and blown down fences, but after a few days cleanup everything was normal. I was in a position to help friends who lived in the epicenter.

Preppers guide for evacuation

Should an evacuation be required our preppers guide will not ignore it. Mandatory evacuations are called for in circumstances of eminent life and property damage. They should be complied with. Our preppers guide begins with evacuation planning. This preparation is fairly straightforward. Our preppers guide recommends:

  1. Stockpile fuel for your vehicle and stabilize itPreppers guide
  2. Have a Go bag ready
  3. Have easy access to documents and cash
  4. Know where you are going
  5. If you have pets, have a plan.
  6. Video or document your property before you leave

Preppers guide for staying put

Our preppers guide will start with stockpiling a few essentials that will get you through this 3-5 day time period. Some medical knowledge is always useful for emergencies. Three days is not a long time to go without electricity, internet, central heat or air conditioning. You may have running water but it will probably not be safe to drink. This makes drinking water our first priority. Since this is a natural disaster, our first need, to breathe clean air has likely been met. Your supplies should be kept together in a sealed and safe location. Most people who experience natural disasters still have their homes in habitable but not comfortable condition. Should your home be destroyed your supplies should not be in it. There is not much you can do in an apartment or condo but in a house you can stash your supplies somewhere in your yard.

Drinking water can be obtained from several sources. The easiest and most convenient is a store of bottled water. A gallon per person per day will meet your immediate needs for 3 days. This does not include bathing or washing – only drinking and cooking. Drinking water can also be obtained from methods such as boiling, treating and filtering. All three require a source of reasonably clean water. Tap water is ok to treat but not drink following an event. Water from streams, rivers, lakes and swimming pools is also suitable for treatment. Storm water or standing water is a last alternative. It will work in an emergency but is not a good choice. For storms with advance notice it is a good idea to stockpile some water. Filling bathtubs and large vessels will probably provide enough water for a couple of days. You also will have a full water heater. If there is no water pressure the tank can be drained with a hose from the outlet at the bottom. Release the pressure release valve and you will have gallons of potable water.

Shelter is our next priority. Hopefully you dwelling is still safe and secure. If not there will be abundant supplies lying around. Rules for temporary shelters are simple. Stay on high ground and away from unstable buildings or trees. You can easily assemble a lean-to in order to have a temporary shelter until help arrives. Stay warm and protected and your body will survive.

Food should be available and does not have to be preplanned. Your freezer will maintain an adequate temperature to hold food for three days if not opened constantly. Canned goods are good to have on hand – but eat the steaks first. For cooking most people have barbecues. Fuel in the form of propane or charcoal should be part of your preppers guide plan.

The toilet is probably still there but there may be no running water. Unless it backs up due to loss of power at sewage plants it us still serviceable. Instead of flushing just dump water in the bowl and it will flush itself – magic. In the event of a sewage backup a latrine should be dug as far away from your shelter as you can get it.

It is comforting and to hear what is going on in the outside world. A battery operated radio will keep you up to date with what is going on around you and help you plan.

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