[MOBS] What Will You Do When They Come For You?

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You’ve probably seen some shocking video of innocent people running an errand and all of a sudden, they are confronted with an angry MOB of protesters demanding solidarity with their cause OR get pull from your vehicle and beaten.

It is disgusting! It is Wrong! It Must STOP! Police MUST Get Involved.

With this becoming a more frequent event each and every week, what would you do when confronted with this situation?

MAIN POINT HERE is that you don’t want to be making these decisions on the fly under the duress of the matter at hand.

Do you use your vehicle as a battering ram to get you through the treat?

Great idea, but what are other things to think about BEFORE making this move?

I’ve seen videos where the car initially got through the MOB but then got stuck in traffic 200 yards up the road and the enraged MOB ran up to the car, even more incensed than they were before and the danger for the driver escalated quickly.

Will your 10 + 1 pistol you keep in your glove box really be effective against 75+ protesters in your face?

What if you fire a warning round and instead of running away, they run at you? How quick can you reload and how many magazines will you really have on you?

These are the common defaults that people I have spoken with immediately turn to.

But will these plans really work? Are they even a real plan ? Or just a glorified Machismo way of “wanting” to deal with it.

So I sat down and thought about what if I had my family in the car with me and we could not get away from having to deal with this situation?

Here are some videos of what this looks like.

Watch these and then we can talk about an outline for a real plan that will keep you and your family as safe as possible.

Some scary situations in those videos, but as you saw, driving through protesters can be effective, but you have to make sure that you have the clear path necessary to hit the gas and get away.

The BEST course of action is to be aware of your surroundings and avoid these protests at all costs.

The minute you realize you have turned down a street full of protesters, turn around, back up, whatever, and get out.

In one of the videos we saw a line of protesters who stopped each car and asked if Black Lives Matter. No matter what the message is, agree with it if it gets you through.

In this case the first driver puts his fist up and screams in agreement with the protesters message and they let him pass.

The next driver opposes the message of the protesters and gets her car smashed to bits and dragged from the vehicle and beaten.

In this example, agreement is the best way to diffuse the situation and no one is every going to hold it against.

My recommendation is to be like water. Just say whatever they want to hear and move on to another day.

Stay Calm (can be hard to do), don’t show emotion, don’t show aggression, and agree so you can get on your way.

KEEP Your Car FREE Of Political Messages.

This sounds like a suppression of the Freedom Of Speech. I know I get it. But if it’s the Trump 2020 sticker that is going to get my car trashed, I will choose to not have it on my car.

In the end, no matter what you want to promote politically, it’s your vote in the booth that matters the most.

I can’t say that I have ever voted based on a bumper sticker on another persons car before. Have you? If so please comment below and let us know why a sticker was able to sway your vote.

And if (I am not advocating this action) but if you have to slowly drive through a protester barricade, look ahead, beyond the immediate threat to make sure you can find a clear path out of danger.

Angering a crowd of destructive protesters to only get stuck in a traffic 200 feet away, jam puts you and your family in even more danger.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks for your time today and God Bless.

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