Leftist Media Loses Their Mind Over These Gun Parts “Let’s Go Brandon”

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It’s comical watching this week’s news as mainstream media and left-leaning media are somehow just now discovering the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants that have been all over TV, sports stadiums and viral videos.

If they are truly just discovering this chant, then they must be the worst at their job. This story has been right out in their face and they just chose to ignore it because it is just another unflattering topic to cover on this failing President.

In this news cycle is a gun manufacturer who decided to have some fun with the phrase.

The Palmetto Armory is known for having fun with public figures and events by inscribing something about them onto specific gun parts.

This go around, they grabbed ahold of the Let’s Go Brandon viral movement and went to work.

This has ignited the left in a fury of lunacy. This one product literally triggers just about everything they are against. In one swift move, Palmetto Armory has “insulted the President in a VULGAR Way”, by using a firearm they all want to ban.

Some reporters have even gone as far as to consider this a “threat of violence” against their anointed one. (Which is utterly false.)

Check out this triggered snowflake

The fact that this is on the weapons proves that the “rage that was on display on Jan. 6 has not subsided,” Dilanian claims on the video. Oh, please. That’s crazy and frankly, borders on the slanderous. There’s nothing connecting this company to that event. Liberal media like Dilanian — if they ever got journalism degrees — should just give them back and trade them in for their Democratic in-kind contribution stickers when they produce this kind of ridiculous “journalism.”
Once upon a time, reporters understood and actually cared about freedom of speech. Now they appear to think only about serving the Democratic power. Dilanian even personally called the Secret Service who declined to respond to him.

If the Secret Service had responded, they likely would have said to him — if they deigned to bother with him at all — “Are you daft? This isn’t a threat and we have real concerns with which we have to deal.” Dilanian apparently fails to understand that we’re not living under rules like in China — at least not yet — and these aren’t threats.

Dilanian also tried to provide cover for their own NBC reporter who was actually the cause of the “Let’s go, Brandon” saying. He explains how the saying began at a NASCAR race when the NBC Sports reporter was interviewing Brandon Brown and there was a nearby chant “that was difficult to make out,” Dilanian claims, so the reporter thought that’s what was being said. It wasn’t difficult to make out in the slightest as anyone can tell if they listen to the video.

But nice attempt there to try to cover for your reporter with such a deceptive claim. It was that media lying about the chant that made Americans turn it around and use it as an indictment of media lying as well as a criticism of Joe Biden. That’s a point that Dilanian completely misses while he’s slinging this bilge, proving the chant correct, yet again.

But in case Dilanian is interested, Palmetto also has a new product that’s a criticism of Joe Biden. Maybe he wants to call the Secret Service on them about this one as well. If he does, they will no doubt laugh him off the phone.

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