Kamala Harris Dodges Question About Calling Inflation Transitory And Looks Like A Fool

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The Biden Administration is losing the mainstream media and they are finally starting to ask some tougher questions that both Biden and Harris are not equipped to answer.

In this example, on CBS Face The Nation, Harris is asked if it was a mistake by the Biden Administration to refer to inflation as Transitory, since it’s been here since just after Biden took office and appears to have no hint of retreating.

The answer from Harris that follows is absurdly ridiculous and scary that she is anywhere near these decisions being made.

She says in the short term, the fix was to go to all the ports and tell the workers, “Hey Guys, no more 5 days a week 9-5. We need 24/7 work to move all this product.”

The only challenge was, who the heck was she talking to. It’s been documented that there is a massive shortage of truckers and dock workers. Also, Biden has supported policies put in place by California Governor Newsome, that prohibit trucks over a certain age from being registered to operate in the state, that resulted in a significant drop of “qualified” trucks that could move the product.

-M. Stark

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