Joe Biden Speaks About Gun Violence And Gun Control With NY Leaders Calls A”Glock With 40 Rounds” A “Weapon Of War”

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Today Joe Biden dis just about the only thing he could do, that would bring his fractured party back in line with some form of unity.

Talk About Gun Control.

And of course, he started with some good old liberal mischaracterizations like, A Glock With a 40 Round Magazine is a “Weapon Of War

He uses all the lefts standard talking points that ignore the fact that current gun laws are not being enforced and they are not being enforced because they would increase the arrest of young, poor, black, men in Democrat run cities and this is not an image that they want to highlight.

Also, they ignore that the new laws they want to purport won’t make a lick of difference because the problems we face are, for the most part, caused by lack of enforcement of our current laws surrounding guns and gun ownership.
But, the President will continue to rail on and make statements that will rally the left and piss off the right. Comments like the following

Watch the full event here ;

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