How Ukraines Crisis With Russia Will Usher In A Digital Dollar Disaster

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This is really scary stuff that is happening right now. The video below is a MUST WATCH.

Here’s my intro to this video:

We were having a discussion here about how the current inflation is really by design, and it is meant to make us, the American People, the “frog in the pot of water”.

Inflation is driving up prices to get us accustomed to doing with less. This is meant to make the transition during the great reset easier and less resistant because the gap being closed between upper middle class and the poor will be smaller.

There will be more poor who will welcome the rest with arms wide open and then there’s the upper middle class who will have less to give up.

COVID was a crisis that was used to drive people back into their homes and basically change the structure of society. Separating people from each other and the Government learned just how far they can push people before a backlash really happens. Most businesses moved to Credit Card transactions only, getting people used to not having cash on hand.

Heck, right now there are a large number of people who are fighting to force everyone to continue wearing a mask and take more vax shots.

Under Biden the US is moving towards a Digital US currency and this is scary.

They are literally going to weaponize our currency against anyone who is not willing to comply with their plans for the great reset.

Along with the digital currency and wall the convenient wonders that will be promised with it, will be a “click of a button” easy to implement Environmental, Social And Governance system.

ESG is a new “Credit” like system that takes more than your fiscal responsibility into account. It rates individuals on Social stances, how they behave environmentally (do you drive a gas powered pickup truck? That’s a negative), and monitor who your peers are and score you by what they do.

Similar systems already exist in China.

We’ve seen the Canadian Government use their banking system to seize assets of protesters. With a digital currency, the Government can take your money directly.

I’d love to cover more, but it’s time to get to the video. You’ll learn a LOT here. Watch it and let me know what you think:

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