Fact Checked: Biden Did In Fact Implement Policies That Reduced And Stopped Energy Production As A Means To Push Green Energy Agenda

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During his State Of The Union Address, President Biden clearly stated that neither he nor his administration has advocated or implemented any policies that hindered energy production in the US and then went on to blame the energy producers for not utilizing the resources they had available to them already, citing 9,000 untapped wells.

There have not been many mainstream media fact checkers on this statement.

Instead the media is focused on figuring out how to prove and push the narrative that somehow the US is net energy positive and out producing Trump Era energy exports.

The truth is that just a week or so before the SOTU address, Biden shut down new oil drilling permits because a court ruled that the Administration could not use an elevated “socila cost of carbon” as a reason to make it difficult to drill.

So since Biden could no longer delay, or slow these companies from trying to drill, which he accused them of NOT pushing hard enough to drill, Biden instead just shut down the entire process and stopped the drilling expansion all together.

Remember way back before the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and gas prices were spiking without Putin’s involvement?

Back then Biden had put in place a suite of executive orders that Banned new oil and gas leases on Federal lands. The courts eventually stopped this action, but the point is, he stated that he has in no way attempted to block the energy industry, and his statements simply are not true.

Where are the mainstream media fact checkers

All of this really comes down to a war that Biden desperately needs to get involved in to cover the dismal performance of his Presidency.
He needs to find a foil that his party can blame for their failures.

Facts are that gas was spiking before the Russian Invasion.

Inflation was already at 40 year highs before Putin did anything but just talk.

Afghanistan was a complete failure and Ukraine was on the same path of failure. Biden knew about the issues we faced with Russia and Ukraine when he came into office and did nothing about it.

And now that Russia is in full step of invading Ukraine, Biden leads from behind, to get the world leaders to do the bidding he needs badly, pushing Putin into a financial corner and pitting us against China and other nations that are backing Russia.

The result could be a full scale war with Russia on traditional fronts AND as Cyber Warfare.

The messaging is already being pushed. The Putin War is to blame for oil prices.

We will all have to take a financial hit at home in order to stand up for freedom and democracy abroad.

We were already at that point before Russia and it wasn’t because we needed to pay through the nose to defend freedom. We were paying through the nose because the Biden Administration doesn’t know how to correct the financial woes of the US.

With this potential war, the American People are being sold a bag of scams.

This war has basically turned into a “feel good” Go Fund Me, social action with businesses doing bullshit collaborations to raise awareness and funds to support Ukraine.

Time will tell, but the B.S. radar tells me that this will be proven to be a scham in the end.

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