China’s Plan To Use Starvation As A WMD

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The world’s food supply chain has evolved into a complex multi-dependency between the majority of the worlds countries.
As our food supply gets more distant from us, the more at risk we are as a people.
As with any commodity, once a trade channel is established, it can be infiltrated, manipulated, and weaponized.
Food hits home because the need for it is common to us all. Some nations have an abundance while others fall short of the demand of their population.
But, when we look inward to the US and our own food supply, what seems like an over abundance is really just an illusion.
Think about every time there is a disaster and there is a run on the stores. Inventory is only as good as a few days and restocking is not always an option.
We have been blessed that in recent times we have not had to see our entire food system collapse. However, most recently we have seen tens of millions of Americans in the streets, waiting in food lines for their next meal, all due to COVID.
China has identified a weakness and it is our food supply.
The majority of Americans don’t prepare for anything. They take for granted that they can go to the store and get whatever they want whenever they want it and one day when that option goes away they are screwed.
This video better explains
Will Food Shortages Be Used As A Weapon?

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