Biden’s Makes Unconstitutional Move To Confiscate Your Guns

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Biden has signed an executive order that directs the DOJ to quietly strip Americans of their 2nd Amendment Rights and the bias of Attorney General Merrick Garland will be the catalyst that will force Americans to give up their guns.

At the foundation of this Executive Order that has been referred to by many names such as “extreme risk protection order”, “gun violence restraining order”, or “red-flag” legislation, is a series of unconstitutional steps.

These laws will allow the Federal Government to squash the 2nd Amendment rights of lawful gun owning citizens without due process.

THIS is always the challenge when it comes to discussions of Gun Reform Laws.

The left markets to the public a measure of reform that seems like a middle of the road response to the challenges we have faced as a nation with mass shootings etc.

And then, when they gain a little traction, like high polling numbers in favor of the “common sense” reforms, they start to re-write the offer and put in ludacris actions like stripping a citizen of his lawfully owned guns, without due process.

The President is doing this via Executive Order because his party knows that they cannot get get this through Congress.

Biden’s Confiscation Order Contains Language That A….

“court shall issue an emergency ex parte extreme risk protection order upon submission of an application by a petitioner, supported by an affidavit or sworn oral statement of the petitioner or other witness, that provides specific facts establishing probable cause that the respondent’s possession or receipt of a firearm will pose a [significant danger/extreme risk/other appropriate standard established by state law] of personal injury or death to the respondent or another person.”

This means that an Ex Parte hearing can take place with no notice to the individual accused of being a danger, AND they don’t have any rights to attend or participate in the proceedings.

In this secret hearing, the court is provided with ONLY statements of the individual petitioning to strip the rights of the accused. There is ZERO opportunity for the accused to know of, or see the veracity of these statements, nor may the accused defend himself/herself.

And to add to the insult, the probable cause standard is ludacris. In the Biden order there need be no crime alleged to cite probable cause. WHAT?

So a person can be accused of no crime, yet be saddled with probable cause of nothing, and still be considered a danger and have his 2nd Amendment rights stripped and guns confiscated, all as a result of a secret hearing he/she was not aware of, and had no right to defend in.

NOW… That sounds like common sense gun reform we should all embrace. [Sarcasm on full display]

What Do You Think?

Sounds Off In The Comments Section Below

-M. Stark

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