Biden’s Inability To Manage A Global Crisis Is Moving The World Closer To War

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As Russia follows through on its word and actually invades Ukraine, the world watches in confusion as we witness President Biden, talking from the sidelines, about a strategy that most experts already agreed would not work.

In fact, as recently as this morning they did not work and the President’s only talking point was more of what just didn’t work.

Of course we are talking about sanctions. They were supposed to this preventative measure that would make it so financially punishing for Russia to actually invade there was no way they could do it. Except, the sanctions were executed, and Russia went into Ukraine under 48 hours later.

What’s even more amazing, as far as miscalculations and blunders of reading the situation can go, is that China is now ordering wheat and other products from Russia as a way to lessen the blow from US backed NATO sanctions.

The sanctions actually brought Russia and China together!

And what does the dimmest light on the horizon have to say about it?

Well, we should all rest assured knowing that he is monitoring the situation from the White House, instead of Connecticut, and will be getting updates from his national security team.

What’s richer is, Biden has already started the process for applying more sanctions.
This sounds familiar?

When the President orders something, it doesn’t work, so the answer is do more of what didn’t work.
Like vaccine mandates and COVID.

Right as the CDC was crumbling under public scrutiny over refusing to release data they thought could be “misconstrued”, about to break wide open all the cracks that had emerged over the vaccine and it’s real effectiveness, Russia invades and CDC is now a page 3 story.

But it shows a pattern that the Biden Administration is a “One Trick Pony” when it comes to solving problems.

For COVID, the solution was, and in their eyes still, is the vaccine, wether it works as promised or not.

For Russia, it will be Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions.

And when they don’t work, if some world leader doesn’t take the stage soon, we are going to see a stronger alliance with Russia and China, and that is not good.

China is now flying aircraft in Taiwan airspace.

There is another side to this deal.

-M. Stark

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