Biden’s Approval Rating Drops To A New Low Amid Ukraine And Surging Inflation. But What Does It Really Mean?

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The Democrats are looking at this poll and thinking about how they can really pull off a victory in November.

While there will be a lot of stories about President Biden’s approval rating dropping like a sinking stone, it is interesting to look at how it compares to other presidents, the same time into their presidency.

I did some digging and what I found amazing was how much different the presidencies were and the rating they held at this point of their presidencies and in addition how this rating corresponded to their party affiliation.

I looked at it from this point of view simply because I found it amazing that Trump’s approval rating polled lower than Biden’s at the same point and the media at that time.

For this article we will focus on the latest two Presidents.

Joe Biden opened his First Term with a slew of executive orders that slashed away at everything President Trump built including the Keystone Pipeline, which is directly responsible for the increasing gas prices we are seeing today.

President Biden mismanaged COVID and had more deaths due to the virus that President Trump did. Keep in mind, President Biden had vaccines and a year + of scientific community experience at his disposal on day 1 of taking office.

President Biden then went on to fumble the football in Afghanistan with the most botched evacuation of our military and personnel from a war in American history. This all played out on the world stage, on every TV, and was the first big mistake that made the world start to question America’s capabilities.

We can move on to supply chain breaks, surging inflation, and greenlighting Russia to invade Ukraine, while NATO moves to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate Government in Afghanistan, plus the realization that President Biden eroded and destroyed America’s energy independence that President Trump built up.

And last, the old constant of President Biden’s Cognitive Capabilities.

Add all of this up and Biden gets a 40% Job Approval Rating.

This rating will be touted as dismal. The worst rating of a President ever! (with a silent asterisk)

You see, President Trump held a 37% approval rating at roughly the same period of his Presidency.

Yet Trump was reclaiming American Dominance on the world stage by forcing NATO members to “pay their fair share”, moving America to be a NET oil exporter thus creating strength through independence. He was making the Government more efficient, the economy was booming, so much so that the Democrats were clamoring to claim his successes as their own.

Trump passed 6 significant tax cuts and appointed a Supreme Court Justice.

Yet his rating was at 37%

  • Joe Biden 42% (272 days into his presidency)
  • Donald Trump 37% (283 days)
  • Barack Obama 52% (271 days)
  • George W. Bush 88% (288 days)
  • Bill Clinton 47% (271 days)
  • George H.W. Bush 70% (289 days)
  • Ronald Reagan 53% (286 days)
  • Jimmy Carter 54% (277 days)

How does this stand with other Presidents?

With Presidents Biden and Trump the approval rating really shows how much the media plays a role in the ratings and exposes the political side that we already know the media falls to.

Democrats and Clinton screamed Russian interference in the 2016 election and very openly claimed that they did not accept the outcome of the election. So much so that they held countless investigations, one of the more notable ones headed up by Robert Meuller, to try and discredit Trump and either remove him from office OR prevent him from running again.

Fast forward to 2020, where there were some definite irregularities and voting charts that swung massively into Biden’s favor in the middle of the night, and any mention of the election not being legitimate is met with swift and stern deplatforming.

Lest we forget that everything the Democrats have labeled as Russian Misinformation under Trump is now being proven as true – Hunter Biden’s laptop for one.

In conclusion, these poll ratings of the President are fantastic fodder to make great headlines, but they are not necessarily the rating of the President as much as they are a scoring for how well the media is influencing the public opinion.

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