Biden Using U.S. Russian Policy TO Further Green Energy?

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They will collapse the country to force electric cars on the American Population!

This was a recent revelation I had a few weeks ago when reading all the news about how Biden has handled Putin and Russia with everything from shutting down pipelines to the Ukraine Invasion and everything in between.

All of these issues that Biden has let take place, result in escalating oil prices.

America will soon be in a power void and blackouts are possible

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It is a very dangerous play, but here is what we think is happening.

While the left are pushing their Green New Deal Agenda, they are failing to move it along because fossil fuels are burning cleaner and cheaper than ever before.

The left will complain that Green Energy cannot compete with fossil fuels because they are not on a level playing field. They are referring to the government subsidies that the oil industry gets.

So, if you look at a majority of the steps that Biden has taken since he got into office, they have resulted in rising oil prices. His Press Secretary touted that a President doesn’t have the influence or the power to move the price of oil, but this is not true.

By canceling and closing the oil pipelines thus allowing the oil to go to Russia over the US allows Russia to hold the oil from the market, thus starving the US and the rest of the world, and drive up demand, which drives up the price.

High oil prices allow Russia to compete.

More importantly, high oil prices make Electric Cars slightly more attractive.

So with that out in the open, the next kicker to ask yourself is, “How will all of these electric cars charge on the same power grid once they hit mass production?”

Many Electric car proponents ignore the fact that they are most likely charging their cars with electricity that comes from burning fossil fuels, in a less efficient manner than an Internal Combustion Engine would burn that same fossil fuel.

By taking this gamble, Biden has put America in a compromised position and we need to prepare now for a power system collapse.

Generators are a great solution and here is a plan for a powerful yet affordable power plant you can have right in your own backyard.

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