Biden To Make A Hail Mary Attempt At Reforming Gun Control NRA Vows To Block His Every Attempt

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The clock is ticking for President Biden, and he has not actually accomplished any of his agenda goals.

With Americans handedly rejecting any taxation / spending package, the Presidents only possible shot will be to take on Gun control again.

His administration has been flying test balloons on the topic and they feel that this is the time to go for it and maybe get a win (for once).

Concerns of some and the hope of others are growing that President Joe Biden might try to force through elements of his gun control agenda before he is expected to lose full control of Congress in the fall midterm elections.

This week, advocates of gun control and the Second Amendment revealed two probable Biden “Hail Mary” scenarios that could play out before or after Election Day to fulfill his goal of taking “ghost guns,” modern sporting rifles, and accessories such as high-capacity cartridge magazines off the market.

The preelection option calls for a push on gun bans to boost support from the president’s liberal base. That would likely include the more sensational elements of his plan, including an “assault weapons” ban targeting semi-automatic pistols and rifles.

Insiders said the move would be more geared toward a political win and not a vote because it’s likely that targeting guns will not woo enough Republicans to beat a filibuster in the Senate. And, they said, with Congress tied up on budget negotiations, the likelihood of a drawn-out fight over a Supreme Court nominee battle, and weeks back home campaigning, there will not be enough time to build support.

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