Biden Is Taking The Democrat Party Down In Flames

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It’s official. Joe Biden’s political capital is spent, his political influence is over, and last night’s red sweep of the midterm elections shows that anything or anyone he touched lost.

Biden ran away to the G20 summit to get away from the mounting pressures of his stuck “Build Back Better” plan due to the infighting amongst his own party. After 2 trips to the hill he was not able to rally his own party to use their majority and pass his agenda.

That’s actually a very good thing for Americans.

Then, while out of the country, President Biden was relegated to the sidelines of the G-20 Summit, a significantly different image than when President Trump attended and was center stage in every media exposure.

There are pictures of all the world leaders where Biden was literally cut out of the photo.

In 2017 the left was laughing at how poorly Trump was polling with the voters. While this had a lot ot do with the outlandish media coverage that was Anti-Trump, their chickens have come home to roost.

In only 9 months President Biden has tanked in the polls.

Biden has been riddled with scandals, failures, flops, and examples of incompetence.

He has failed with his handling of COVID and the Vaccine Mandates that he is using loopholes to force businesses to do his dirty work are widely unpopular and as their deadline looms closer, the backlash against them is mounting.

As the pushback grows, companies will be shut down and the economy will take another hit at a time when we can afford it the least.

Inflation is rampant. American families are struggling to make ends meet, and Joe Biden’s answer is to award thousands of illegals who crossed the border and were caught, $450,000 in a pre-trial settlement with the ACLU.

The ships stuck at the ports that are a direct result of the Left Green Agenda and California Governor Newsom’s policies blocking the much needed trucks from the state.

There are too many to list and keep this a reasonable length, so just know that the Left Liberal Agenda is on full display and the American People Are Rejecting It!

So much so that recently Chuck Todd had to report some polls that he found ‘SCARY” for the President and his entire party.

Their ideals are being rejected and that is a relief for many.

As the vaccines were being pushed harder and harder, it seemed that America had lost her spirit and gumption to fight back.

Yesterday offered a glimmer of hope that we will rise up and fight back to take back our country and get back on the right track.

-M. Stark

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