Beto O’Rourke Pulled A Political Stunt On On The Back Of A Crisis That Just Ended His Bid For Governor

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The “Once Golden Child” of the Democrat party just put the nail in the coffin for his bid for Governor Of Texas.

Texas has a long history of standing up for the Second Amendment and Beto, a 2 time loser in his last campaigns is getting so desperate, that he literally bum rushed Governor Abbot to make political points on the back of a great tragedy.

Some on the left will applaud what the failed candidate did. Some might say he got his name back out in the press, but how he went about it all but guaranteed that his bid for Governor is no longer valid.

Texans were pissed off by it and so they should be.

The Major of Uvalde called him a “sick son of a bitch”, right before they had Beto escorted from the press conference.

Beto represents the opposite of Texas.

His “Yes, I’m coming for your guns” slogan cost him the slim shot he had at the Presidency for the Democrat Party.

I read a lot about comparing the Australian reaction to a mass shooting that resulted in a mandatory gun buyback, but didn’t get the results that are being touted here.

Before we get into the stats, the reality is there is a difference in cultures that puts a different light on guns in general.

Australia, as it sits, is a population that resulted from being a penal colony.

Europe imprisoned people and sent them to Australia as convicts. They were in chains when they arrived on the continent and maintained as criminals by the European Governments.

In contrast, America went to war with England and fought for our freedom.

The idea of a Government having control over the rights that were established by our founding fathers led to a completely different culture. One where guns are the safety net to any type of invasion on our personal liberties granted us by the constitution.

This is a defining difference. So when the question that compares America and gun violence comes up, the defining difference between America and any other first world nation on the face of the planet starts here.

We have states and cities with significant gun control laws on the books, but they are not enforced, yet they want more overreach under the guise of gun control.

This report from shows that when countries take firearms aways from citizens, they find other ways to get the job done.

Before we go off stripping Americans of their rights, we need to enforce the laws on the books and address the mental health issues we are facing. Especially after COVID.

Also, there is a significant trend in society that is starting to merge with mass shootings.

This most recent active shooter was a transgender.

Here are the stats for transgender by generation :

Born Before 1946: less than 1%
Boomers: 2.6%
Gen X: 4.2%
Millennials : 10.5%
Gen z: 20.8%

There is an experiment that is playing out with our children and putting them in harm’s way.

These victims of brainwashing are going to become threats. But how do we identify them as the threat they are without “targeting” them?

How do we unwind this mess that we, as a nation, have allowed to happen?

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