3 Point Survival Lessons Re-Learned From Texas

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Let me start by saying that Texas is a great state. We LOVE it here and we moved here because of the independent spirit that permeates every part of life here.
I have said in previous posts that 2020 and 2021 are the years of “exposure” .

Exposure of the fraud and rotten to the core systems that we take for granted as part of the day to day American Fabric.

  • The political parties
  • The election system
  • The chambers of government
  • The self-entitled leaders who think they rule over us
  • The financial systems
I believe in local government and even more so, local community.
But it seems that we keep hitting walls and seeing failure of systems.
Is it because we as a people have taken our eye off the goal and given too much trust?
Texas FAILED in a major way and it is amazing to watch the finger pointing begin.
While it is easy to blame and allow ourselves to be left wondering why, what I saw in Texas was clearly a loss of focus on preparations.
When systems failed, the people didn’t set themselves up for success.


It’s almost like many forgot that we are all responsible for ourselves and taking care of our own loved ones.
We were blessed to have family homes on different power grids around the area and when the lights and heat went out, each of the home in our family had different sources or power, from different grids. So the lights went out and we bugged out to my mothers home.
She lives near a hospital and her power grid won’t ever go down. We have her in this home for this very reason.
Once the snow and ice that locked up the roads for a week started to clear there was an immediate run on Gas and Food. Gas stations are out of gas and grocery stores are currently stripped bare.
When we first heard that this storm was coming 2 weeks ago we stocked up. PLUS we maintain a food supply for no less than 6 months for each family member.
We have back up power and water sources which played a crucial role when our city initiated a boil order for water and then followed up within a day by turning off the water supply.
Our plans for preparation kicked right in and we were all kept snug as a bug in a rug , and will continue to be while many others I speak with are worried about if they are going to be able to get food in the coming days.
Grocery delivery systems have made people even more dependant on day to day shopping instead of stockpiling long term food storage.
So instead of blaming the systems for failing us, I choose to reflect and review our family plan and see where it work and where it could use improvement

It really comes down to 3 main parts of your plan ...

#1 Food: You have to have food at the ready for your family.
Keeping a good stock of caned and dry goods and a decent start, but we found that the long term food storage we kept in our pantry gave us confidence to not have to go out and fend for ourselves when the 2+ hours lines stacked up at our local grocery store right before the power went out again leaving thousands without the food they needed. In the end the store was stripped bare and they posted that it will take at least 1-2 weeks for them to restock.
If you have not already built up a food cache, you need to check this out and give it a try
Depending on the current “Just In Time” system that local grocery stores use is a set up for massive failure
#2 Heat: If there is one thing this winter has proven, being without a source of heat can be a leading cause of death. If your home loses power it loses heat and it won’t be able to protect your family.
Some basic resources are a tent, a candle, and a ceramic pot to isolate the space you need to warm and combine body heat with the slight boost from a candle to keep your family warm.
This Micro Shelter will keep each family member toasty warm in even the most harsh cold conditions.
#3 Water : We can go for days or weeks without food but only hours without water.
Our town just shut off the water supply and has sent out notices that we need to plan to not have safe water in our home for the next week +
Is this really happening in America?
Sounds crazy right? But this is not the first time we have seen our water supply fail.
We use this system on a daily basis to make sure that we have a constant supply of clean water in our day to day life and especially during this time when boil orders and complete water supply shut downs have happened
As weather gets more extreme, and systems fail, you will want to make sure that you have these 3 minimum parts of your plan in place.
What else do you want to know about being prepared?
Let Me Know In The Comments Below
-M. Stark

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