10 Ways to Hunt Down Big Bass

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Among the most successful anglers of all time, Edwin Evers is one of just 5 rivals in history to pass the $3 million mark in career winnings. Evers has recorded 11 wins and 118 Top 20s in his 22-year career, and also won the 2016 Bassmaster Classic. Outdoor Life just recently caught up with Evers in order to help your catch more large bass.

1. Outside Life: Any lure choices that you would certainly recommend for bank anglers?

Edwin Evers: In my mind, there is not a far better bait than a weightless stick worm, like the Berkley General. It really works anywhere you are — in ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks. It’s a versatile bait for somebody fishing from the bank.

If I had to choose one other bait, I would choose the Bullet Pop from Berkley — dimension 60, matte finish bluegill pattern. Bass eat bluegills all across the country and it’s really fun to fish because you can see the strike.

2. OL: What are your 5 favorite, go-to baits?


  • 1. Berkley 5-inch General;
  • 2. Berkley Squarebull crankbait in chartreuse with a blue back
  • 3. 3-inch black-blue Pit Boss
  • 4. Berkley J-Walker in bone color, size 120
  • 5. Andy’s E series custom finesse jig in brown/orange natural, paired with a 3-inch Chigger Craw green pumpkin trailer

3. OL: What do the majority of bass fishermen get completely wrong?

EE: I would certainly have to say that many bass fishermen misunderstand the depth at which the bait is running or the depth at which they will receive a bite. Fish do not always relate to the bottom as well as when they’re not relating to bottom, it is necessary to recognize where the line was in the water column when you got the bite, or really did not get the bite. Fish relate to different zones of water when they’re feeding. Some individuals only intend to fish the bottom; but they can get a whole lot more bites if their bait is up in the water.

4. OL: What knots do you utilize on which lures?

EE: I use a Palomar knot on anything over the 20-pound test and also a Trilene knot on anything under 20 pounds with the only exception being a loop knot on walking topwaters.

5. OL: How long will you fish a particular pattern or appeal prior to changing up points?

EE: This is type of two various questions: the wrong lure in the right place will catch them. For me covering the water and also finding the fish is a priority one.

As far as a pattern, I will fish a pattern without a bite for about 15 to 20 minutes. If I do not get any kind of bites after that timeframe, that’s when I will certainly change to different techniques, different cover, possibly a different bait. But you have to find ‘em first.

6. OL: Do you ever use scents or dyes?

EE: Yes, I use both. I use dyes at all times. Anytime you see a bluegill in the water, its tail is chartreuse. Also, the crawdads have bright orange pinchers. That’s where I use JJ’s magic to imitate live bait.

I experiment with scents—they’re very vital importance, especially in smallmouth fishing. Berkley naturally has the best scent; they spend a ton on research and development. For instance, I was using their Pit Boss that has the Berkley Powerbait scent in it when I won Redcrest in Wisconsin last summer.

7. OL: Any tips of for fishing small ponds?

EE: Make a cast before you also stand up to the water’s edge. In small ponds, fish will relate to the bank. The bass in ponds gravitate toward the shore looking for bait. Imagine a bass sitting a little deeper—he uses the pond bank as a backstop to pin his prey. So I cast parallel to the bank, walk lightly, and it never hurts to wear camo.

8. OL: What would certainly put in a beginner’s tackle box?

EE: I advise a Berkley 5-inch General in green pumpkin; a PowerBait ® Power ® Swimmer – a 3.3-inch swimbait; a chartreuse and also white spinnerbait; and a chartreuse as well as white Buzzbait.

9. OL: What’s your overview for soft-plastic lure sizes?

EE: The dingier the water and also the less pressure in the water, the bigger the bait– 4 to 5-inch bait. The cleaner the water, I want to downsize to a 3 or 3.5-inch bait.

10. OL: How do I find and catch bigger bass?

EE: Big bites are normally a very random point. I think you should focus on generating bites. The more bites you get, the more chances you have to get a bigger bite. It’s more regarding obtaining bites and after then figuring out what they’re feeding on to try to get a bigger bass.

You can increase your odds by being stealthier and making better casts. The quieter you are on the boat and the more accuracy and distance you get with your casts can add up to bigger bites.

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