‌Come One Come All, Biden Opens Borders BackUp And People Are Flocking In

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Today, Monday, the United States has reopened its borders and the lines of cars full of people are piling up. Airports overseas are stuffed full of people wanting to get to the US.

In airports, individuals will have to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test.

At the drive through entries, border agents will ask “If A Person Has Been Vaccinated and spot check paperwork.”

This means that unvaccinated people could very likely get through.

And speaking of opening the borders, hasn’t the southern border been pretty open to illegals this entire time.

And what really gets me is that there is the false security that if someone has had the vaccine, they are fully protected.

This is what actions like today say. If a person is vaccinated, then they are safe for the US to accept into their borders. If they are not vaccinated, then they are not.

But what about the breakthrough cases and that vaccinated people are more likely to spread the virus than anyone else?

With the vast number of modifications that have been issues along with the vaccine, the continued addition of boosters, and the fact that we are only 6 months into this unproven form of vaccine, and its side effects that are just now starting to show up in larger numbers, is this the right time to open the border?

And if the answer is yes, then are the mandates that are being forced on a portion of the population valid.

Both of these options are not valid. It should be one or the other.

Negative tests don’t really mean a lot either as there are countless cases of people testing negative and then positive only days later, inside a time period that otherwise would have allowed them to travel.

And there are many cases of people testing positive only to follow up for 2nd opinion and be negative just a day or two later.

Breakthrough cases are becoming more common than the CDC wants to let on and this winter will be another blending of Flu and COVID cases to create another spike of some sort.

We have to look at it from the goal of the Big Pharma and Government collaboration that has formed through the pandemic.

What are the next steps to keep the power shift to the government progressing, and the money flow to the pharmaceutical companies raging?

When you think along those lines the prediction of what is to come in the remainder of this year and the start of 2022 are a little easier to spot.

The WHO has expressed concern over rising cases in Europe just as the US opens it’s borders and will start accepting people from these regions.

Get The Full Story At The New York Post

What do you think?

Please let us know in the comments below.

Thank You for reading us today

-M. Stark

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